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Check out real people using IRONCLUB's Liquid Chalk!

Marisa Inda (@marisainda) - 820 lb. RAW Total @ 114 lbs. 315 lb. Sumo Block Pulls with Liquid Chalk!

This is what she had to say, "Two things I dislike: sumos and block pulls...BUT had the iron grip today thanks to @usironclub for the liquid chalk. 3rd set of 7 with 315. Chalk review: Packets are small and don't make a mess like regular chalk. Comes out liquid so a few blows to the hand and it turns into powder. (Reminded me of being a gymnast) ❤ Because it starts out liquid it Lasts longer than powdered chalk so didn't have to constantly reapply. If you lift I suggest you give it a try!"

Shorty Sadang (@shortymac) - Shorty is a competitive powerlifter who just set a CA State, National, and IPF Record: a 453 lb deadlift at 120.5 lbs!

Rex Fontanoza (@rexardula) - Rex just pulled 455 lbs at 143 lbs! Rex and his training partner Kevin G. (@kevinesguerra) loved it. Kevin said, "Tried it out with @rexdarula today at the gym and I gotta say, this is hands down the best chalk I have ever used!"


Check out what other gym goers have to say about IRONCLUB's Liquid Chalk!

Allyson Pfeil (@faithnfitmiss) - Allyson is an avid Olympic Lifter and coach at Train Insane Gym. This is what she had to say, "Tried IRONCLUB's Liquid Chalk tonight...sick product...definitely replacing regular chalk with this!"

Jose Guarderas (@515xxxxx) - Jose got a sample of Liquid Chalk and tried it out doing pulling ups. This is what he said, "I tried IRONCLUB's Liquid Chalk for the first time chalk I've ever used by far."