Ironclub Strength Training Facility - Equipment List

At Ironclub Strength Training Facility, powerlifting is our only focus. Designed by strength athletes to cater to competition-specific needs, we're building a true strength club from the ground up. Just like our own quest to become stronger everyday, this is our prototype for the future of the sport. You will see us add to and expand this facility as we grow to meet the needs of powerlifting here in Orange County, CA. 


Welcome to the new home from strength.


Training Equipment

As of October 8th, 2017

1200 KG of Rogue Calibrated Discs including Micro Change Plates and Collars (.25 KG to 25 KG)
2500+ LB of Iron Plates (2.5 LB - 45 LB)


3 Rogue 20 KG Ohio Power Bars
2 Rogue 20 LB Ohio Power Bars
2 TSS 20 KG Texas Power Bars
2 TSS 20 KG Texas Deadlift Bars
1 TSS 25 KG Texas Squat Bar
1 Safety Squat Bar
6 General Use Bars


1 TSS Combo Rack
3 Deadlift Platforms
3 Power Cages
3 Rogue Benches
1 General Use Bench
1 Adjustable Use Bench
2 Rogue Monster Lite Squat Stands
1 Belt Squat Machine
1 Plate Loaded Lat Pulldown Machine
1 Set of Dumbbell Pairs from 10 LB - 80 LB


Plus access to our partner gym Newport Strength/SoCal Weightlifting which includes turf, tires, sleds, bikes, rowers, GHRs, and more.


Thinking of getting serious? Let's get stronger together.
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