Sponsored Athletes

IRONCLUB's athletes are a direct reflection of our philosophy: there are no lines between us. There are many corners of the iron community from Olympic weightlifters, powerlifters, and strongman, to bodybuilders, and Crossfit competitors. Although the criteria for accomplishment in each corner requires different technical training, the core principles of hard work, dedication, and good character shine through each of them.

We all have a story about our relationship with the iron: it's rewards, challenges, and sometimes the harsh truths it kicks back to us. We believe the lessons in those stories are what unites the iron community. Every experience, whether it is learning a new technique and mastering it, hitting a new PR after a hitting a wall, or sharing your knowledge with a newcomer, is a path to participating in the iron tradition.


We want to share those paths with you through our athletes; through their successes, set backs, and growth.  


Our athletes live by the truth that the iron helps shape, strengthen, and unite us. It gives back as much as you're willing to put in.  


We're assembling a team of athletes to showcase the IRONCLUB lifestyle. These are some of the top, nationally ranked powerlifters in the USAPL like National Record Holder Marisa Inda, IPL National Record Holder Shorty Sadang, and the Legendary Powerlifter, Strongman, and National Record Holder Grant "The HIGAMONSTER" Higa!


We also want to foster the development and support of rising athletes like Luis Ortuno in the powerlifting community who's on the verge of making a big breakout to California MMA Welterweight Champion Chris Aguilera or up and coming Strongman competitor Mike James and USAW weightlifter Marly Campos.


We're looking to grow our team and help build IRONCLUB across the community. If you believe we're looking for you, email us! marketing@usironclub.com