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We're proud to introduce true, rich-colored pink chalk!

Tested from the lab to the platform. Designed to outperform sweat. Meet the next generation of gym chalk and leave the ­­­­Tupperware at home. Take your lifting to the next level with IRONCLUB’s Liquid Chalk. 


We love weightlifting and chalk. The two go hand in hand, literally.


Our love for lifting drove us here. We were tired of not being able to train in normal gyms with regular chalk. We didn’t want to settle for sticky, tacky imitation blends. We wanted the best of both worlds: real chalk that was cleaner, portable, and less messy.


We wanted to make a better chalk, and we succeeded.


Tested and perfected by a passionate team of mind and muscle, this is chalk developed by lifters for lifters. The first of its kind to be approved for use in competition. And yes, this is real chalk. This is the gold standard in the industry and the preferred liquid chalk of strength athletes across the board.


Competition Approved, Gym-Friendly

This is NOT an endorsement; our products meet the rules and specifications for use in these competitive federations.

Whether you’re a serious competitive athlete or a casual trainer, you need to keep your hands dry so you can train longer and harder. We give you the perfect blend of convenience and grip power in a handheld bottle. It's so good that we're the official chalk and proud partner of USA Powerlifting. Whether it’s 500 pounds or 500 kilos, our chalk can take the pressure of one of the heaviest sports on the planet. The proof is on the platform. 


There’s nothing like real chalk. It’s what champions have used for decades but it comes at a price: mess. Today many commercial gyms are outlawing chalk because they’re tired of cleaning up the mess we sometimes make.

Rather than switch to gloves, or settle for putting glue on our hands, we started from scratch to create the best of both worlds. This isn’t like anything you’ve used out there.

You get all the benefits of chalk: the grip, the dryness, the feel all while minimizing virtually all of the mess.Just chalk up responsibly. You don’t really need more than a dime to a quarter-sized amount.



Elite performance requires passion and purity.

We pioneered a true liquid chalk in every sense of the word. With a relentless adherence to research and testing, we’ve been able to design and source a premium, high quality magnesium carbonate unlike anything else commercially available.

From chemical formulation to sourcing and platform-testing, our chalk is engineered to outperform in every category: better adhesion, faster dry time, longer usage, and better grip. We’re even able to avoid the problem home-brewed blends run into with chalk suspension and “curdling”. Everything down to spread is perfect.

This is how chalk was meant to be.


ocean chalk


That’s right, we’re the first to use chalk created and refined through an advanced sea water manufacturing process.

This eliminates virtually all of the impurities, heavy metals found in typical, mined chalk from China, India, or Taiwan. And we’ve done this since we’ve started in 2014.

    • Designed, not mined.
    • Socially responsible: no child or forced labor.
    • Environmentally friendly and sustainable.
    • Highest purity control. Our chalk is USP grade (98.5%) which is even cleaner than lab grade chalk (typically 90%). This is chalk pure enough for use in food, drugs, or medicine - just don’t eat it. This is for your hands, not your stomach.
    • We manufacture our liquid chalk in the USA.


    Don’t let chalk bans stop you from getting stronger.


    Stop settling for sticky, tacky “imitation” liquid chalks that just don’t cut it or trying to sneak in real chalk to your gym and getting kicked out for making a mess. Find out why everyone from top strength athletes to those just starting their fitness journey trust us when it matters most.


     A dime-sized amount will last you a complete session unless you wash it off. And you can always apply a larger amount if you want a heavier chalk coat. Our gym bag sized bottle will last you up to 4-5 months of training around 4 lifting sessions a week! Approximate uses: 90 // Best Used By: 6 Months After Opening. Store away from heat and indoors. Heat will cause the bottle to expand and evaporate faster than the expected shelf life!